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Music & Beat (O2Jam)
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623 View2022-03-03
A different take in the classic game O2Jam. The tunes are good as well and the gameplay or orientation of the game gives a different but nostalgic feel of the old game.
Visuals are good, gameplay is simple and i hope they add more songs.
Overall, the game ia good, add more in game contents and it would be greater.
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A good-looking game, but that is it.
It is a good-looking game, with nice music and interesting way of interacting.But the gameplay is fairly simple and I wouldn't say I would immerse into that and spend too much time on it. If you are boring and looking for a time-killer to get a break, this probably fits you.
F2P, Really good gameplay, optimized graphics for less lag, exceptionally difficult songs which I enjoy, everything. This game is a must if you like playing rhythm games.
mI think this is a good game and very friendly for f2p like me, not only that, in terms of story and music, it's no less good than some of the games I've played  and also in terms of graphics and gameplay I am very satisfied but there are several stages that make it difficult for me but therein lies the excitement of this game
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