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Attack on Time:Kaisen of girls
Attack on Time:Kaisen of girls - Odikesea's Posts - TapTap

854 View2022-03-11
A pretty good idle game which isn't very time demanding.
If you get into it, then the number one hint is that you should max out one Attack character, cause it is the only way to advance fast and the resources aren't enough for maxing more.
For the same reason the gacha is very good. No character duplicates are required and as f2p you can get an UR character from day 2 and start maxing her out.
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I would recommend this game it is the standard p2w gacha but at least you can get characters to max level (dupes just give stars) you can also fuse low level heroes to higher with a % chance the rates for legendary are 0.4 but I have 4 of them as hit the hard 100 summon pity and got lucky in others (30 purple shards can turn to legendary) you can make many pieces of gear which have different stats and a chance to be "special" all character skills are unique with some I have never seen before and I okay a lot of gachas.
Allen Walker672023-08-18
one of the best gacha games out there, f2p friendly with tons of pve activities and events. Only problem is tthe gear grind but there is always a need for the grind to push your characters even further beyond.
Let's make it short. Best gacha game for f2p players, amazing animation and so many mechanics and events that gives you so many freebies. Heck, you can easily get so many 5 star characters. The rewards are abundant. Hands down.
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