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Games That Might Actually Be Better on Mobile

Games That Might Actually Be Better on Mobile

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STARENA ⎮ @Glen Ioshi
One of the best games you can download here..
As a big fan of Dark Soul, I like this game so much.
First of all, let me briefly introduce ARENA. It’s a game you play the role of Mecha Reaper J3, a fighting robot, and challenge various Bosses in the arena. These boss battles are hard. If you've played Dark Soul or Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, you know what I mean. The game has us die again and again in the way before we finally defeat the Boss. The process would sometimes be painful and frustrating, but when you really made it, it would give you an unprecedented sense of achievement.
Even The game is ported from PC, I didn't feel any discomfort with using a virtual joystick. The gameplay is enthralling, the soundtrack is outstanding, and the voice commentator makes the game more immersive.
Let me share some tips and tricks here. Don't be too greedy when you attack the enemies, or you will be dead meat in 20 seconds. Rhythm, we must find the boss battle pattern and use the chance between the boss releasing the skills. If the timing is wrong, just let it go. Not being attacked is the highest priority.
Observe more, Don't be irritated if you were dead too much, and learn the boss battle pattern from each death. The feature of this kind of game is that you learn from your failures rapidly, which makes you grow. Finally, You can defeat bosses even without any injury.
First Boss is a giant robot that has 2 stages. In the first stage, he should take 2 small hammers in both hands respectively. This stage is relatively easy to deal with. The trick is to keep the distance. Every time he releases his skills move to his lateral arm and attack. If he darts towards you, you better move around and hit his back as much as you can. After losing two health bars. he would enter stage 2 and transform into a figure holding a sledgehammer with two hands. His previous two arms would fall off and you could use them as temporary weapons. If you've knocked down his back armor, there would be a health potion there.
At stage 2. His attacking range becomes pretty large. Whether he whirl or lift the sledgehammer hitting the ground with all his strength. Remember to leave him as far as you can. If he rushes towards you and keeps hitting the ground with a sledgehammer, sprint to the flanks.
The second boss, the lizard or dinosaur, is much more difficult than the first boss. He has three stages, and the difficulty of each of them is close. It may be hard for you to get familiar with his battle pattern. When the fight begins, there’s no need to get close to him because he would move to you. All you have to do is try your best to bypass his head and stick to his left foot. Left Foot, Left Foot, Left Foot, Remember that. Because he only flicks his tail to the right side, this is the best position to make some damage. Then, 2 things need to be paid attention to. One is to sprint away from him immediately when he glows with yellow light because he is going to dash. Don't worry about the red one which means he would stick out his tongue. If you keep moving around his left leg, all will be fine.
It would be much harder to dodge his attack when he rolls into a ball. Remember to sprint up and down and drive him in circles.
In the second stage, he began to spit poison. And because he acquires the new ability to swing his tail, the rear is not safe anymore. At the end of the second stage, the boss will eject a large toxic swamp pool so leave immediately after killing it, otherwise you will have to watch an advertisement for resurrection.
Then comes the third stage. To be honest, I think this stage is the simplest. The only difficulty is that he always tries to run away.
In summary, STARENA is a game full of challenges. And death is inevitable, which also is the fun of this game. I highly recommend it.
Life is Strange ⎮ @异议あり
I love this game. It's different, rich in story, and will make even the coldest of hearts feel emotional. DONTNOD made a wonderful game and has proven that their small team can make an amazing, beautiful, heartfelt game.
Back in 2013, DONTNOD, the game developer from France had released an outstanding cyberpunk style action game. The game is called Remember Me, and I recommend you go experience it. I would not discuss other works too much here.
The first time I played this game was on Steam, and it took me 15 hours to complete the full achievement of the game. Then I found the game released a mobile version, and it took me another 10 hours to complete the game again.
This game has taken me through the incredible and emotional journey of Max Caulfield and Chloe Price. For those who love interactive story games, this is a game you can't miss. But if you asked me to say exactly what's so great about it, it would be hard for me to explain how great it is without spoilers.
So the second part of this review I will mainly describe the features of the game, only for your reference. Please note that the third part of the review involves SPOILERS. If you don't want to be spoiled, I suggest you just read the second part and start playing the game.
Graphic: 9/10
The graphics detail of this game is not really excellent, but due to its unique art style, it makes the entire graphics look gorgeous and full of art. I took hundreds of screenshots to save while playing the game, and they tell countless stories just like Max's photos.
Music: 10/10
The soundtrack plays a big role in the success of this game. The music style in the game is mainly post-rock, country, punk, and the style of the game itself is extremely echoed.
Whenever the intro to To All of You begins, I always think back to my first moment with Max, an afternoon that was unextraordinary. Max always wears headphones after all the trouble, and music can help her leave her concerns behind for a while.
Plot: 9.5/10
Plot is the soul of Interactive Story Games, it is unfair to judge this kind of game by the gameplay of traditional games.
The plot of the game itself is actually not complicated, the protagonist MAX obtained the super power of Time Rewind in an accident, which changed her ordinary and peaceful life. But the actual game experience gave me a lot of surprises, the plot is well paced, the details are everywhere in the story waiting for you to discover.
The game is divided into five episodes, each chapter plot are related to others. At the end of each chapter, the player's appetite was aroused, so it’s really gripping! I personally like a design in the game. After each episode, the protagonist MAX will sit quietly and reflect on what he has done before. This is also the time for players to think.
+ Artful graphics
+ Wonderful soundtrack
+ The power of Time Rewind
+ Impressive characters
+ Many subtle references to the butterfly effect
+ Open to discussing sensitive topics (suicide, homosexuality, etc.)
+ Very atmospheric (You can enjoy a quiet moment and sit on a bed/swing/bench and look at the town and the beautiful scenery around you while the calming music plays)
- The choice has very little effect on the progress of the game
- There are always regrets (detailed in Part Three)
I also want to talk about the advantages and disadvantages that are unique to the mobile version compared to the PC version.
+ The only port of this series for mobile version so far
+ Easier control (e.g. using Time Rewind power)
+ Episode 1 is free and the full season pass costs $8.99 ($19.99 on PC)
- The Android version doesn't include graphics options (quality settings are adjusted automatically based on a device profiler, however some devices can be adjusted via the Engine.ini file)
Hello Neighbor ⎮ @WHYFOOD
Hello Neighbor is my favorite game. Of course, neighbors we observe are very scary, but sometimes their silly aspects make us to find joy even in this fear. In addition, the design of this game is based on the background of 1950s which makes us feel classic sentiments. This game has already been released as both mobile and PC versions.
Then, what are the advantages of mobile version compared to Steam version?
1. Control
The control wasn’t very smooth for the Steam version. Of course, not only me but all users gave us various feedbacks in terms of game control while playing Steam version.
Drag and click are quite important game elements especially in case of playing puzzle genre. In addition, the control to check neighbors through keyhole should be checked very minutely since we need to keep watching suspicious neighbors. However, there are many difficulties to control such detailed motions for PC version. It is especially important for Hello Neighbor in which various puzzles and adventure elements are coexisted.
However, there is controller only for mobile in device version which is intuitively expressed to each control.
In PC version, users don’t need to study about the control of characters or how to do tutorial separately.
On the other hand, it is very natural to catch neighbor’s movement quickly through touch and drag, and it is very well optimized in user UI parts.
2. Advantages of playing Act1 for free (Price of Steam 29.99 USD : Google Play(DLC) 15 USD )
Steam version of Hello Neighbor is relatively expensive. To buy this game, users need to be careful. But mobile (Android version) has very good conditions to play ACT1 for free. Of course, it is not enough to figure out the entire story of the game by just playing Act 1, but it provides an environment where users can know whether the game fits to them or they want to play more in advance.
In addition, DLC price of Android version is $15. This means that you can buy this game at quite lower price than $29.99.
Dead Cells ⎮ @stay hydrated
Having first played Dead Cells about 4 years ago, I really love this Roguevania game (I’m a big fan of Castlevania). Love Its flexible exploration system and arsenal of equipment, but…
Among tons of Dead Cells' positive features and impressive designs, I found, this game, is just SO HARD!
The difficulty can be ridiculous for the beginner!
You may ask, Why? How?
Of course, I can kill enemies quickly with BANG (means bomb) or slash. But they can also kill this faceless guy easily and quickly!
Imagine that you have 80HP on your first run, and one zombie scratches you and you lose 50HP, yes 50! Almost ⅔ of your life! The second time you get hit, you die. Bye bye and let's try again!
Oh, the game gives me a flask, but WAIT, you can only use it once at the beginning!
So, just keep re-run again and again. What a wonderful time of massive running and jumping!
Does this mean a great action game should not be recommended because of its difficulty? I think it’s just silly, so why not try Dead Cells Mobile? It isn't as precise as using a gamepad or keyboard, but it has a very useful feature, Auto Mode. Even PC/Console players will benefit from it as it allows automated melee attacks and door-breaking. So it can reduce the number of operations when dealing with complex stuff.
Plus, the cheaper price is the better deal! It's only $8.99 for the mobile version and $3.99 for the DLC, while I need to withdraw $24.99 or $36 for the bundle from my wallet to Gabe! I think you already know which to pick.
Cube Escape: Seasons ⎮ @Naxxramas
Back in the 90’s, American director David Lynch left the audience bewitched in a strange yet wonderful place he creates in the murder drama Twin Peaks - a small town full of secrets, an eerie red room where people talk backwards, and a dead girl wrapped in plastic.
Roughly 25 years later, indie game studio Rusty Lake launches the Cube Escape series, a point-and-click adventure game that pays homage to Twin Peaks.
Cube Escape: Seasons is the first entry in the Cube Escape series, followed by The Lake, Arles, Harvey's Box, Case 23, The Mill, Birthday, Theatre and The Cave. The whole series revolves around the murder of a … nope, no spoilers.
The game greets you with dark ambient music that immediately takes you to the mysterious Cube Escape universe. Meanwhile, the art style, simple as it may be, suits the game’s gloomy atmosphere perfectly.
Starting the game, you revisit your memory of spring 1964, which brings you to a quiet room with a kitchen, a window with a nice view, and a parrot.
Everything seems so peaceful.
You will need to find the missing pieces of a photo hanging above the fireplace, by interacting with the items in the room (like lighting up the candle). When the photo is complete, a cube will appear and take you to the next memory.
The gameplay of Cube Escape: Seasons is probably like every other room escape game you’ve played before. It is the catch-you-off-guarded moment that really makes the experience stand out.
Some of the puzzles are tricky. Fortunately enough, the developer provides a full walkthrough on their official site.
Cube Escape: Seasons is now available as part of the Cube Escape Collection. While the Collection is $4.99 on Steam, it is completely free on mobile and the full size is under 100MB.
Whether you are a puzzle game lover who needs a little thriller or a mobile gamer low on space, Cube Escape: Seasons is worth a try.
Internet Cafe Simulator ⎮ @Ninjarax
A question from the beginning of 2022, guess what is the best mobile port? Not just gameplay and graphic or UI quality. Honestly, EVERY BUG & GLITCH has been perfectly reproduced on my phone! If there was an award for the best mobile port, I would definitely vote for this one!
Honestly, is it really worth my time to spend time on such a simulation game? Graphics and UI are crappy, like something from before 2010. Plus tons of bugs, bad sensitivity. But, consider for 30 minutes after you've cleaned up your cafe, bought a few PCs and arcade machines, and watched your customers come in while you counted the credits. You will definitely feel this way!
Best of all, I can run my Internet Cafe on my phone for free. There will be some annoying ads, but at least I won't have to worry about paying for a bunch of bugs.
Although it takes everything from the original, I found it has a few more details than the PC version. For instance, the trash will automatically be cleaned up on the phone instead of clicking on the mouse repeatedly on the PC, making the control easier and more intuitive.
I’ve heard that Internet Cafe Simulator 2 was released recently. Fewer bugs! Better graphics! I can buy more mining equipment! And now I look forward to its mobile version.
Beholder 2 ⎮ @Moyaa*
The game Beholder 2 has already been released on PC and mobile. Then, what would be different between the Steam version and mobile version?
Profiling function
The game should play a role in controlling private life, fair life and privacy of people in all countries with totalitarianism. The most important element among them is a function that profiles all residents of an apartment.
First of all, the profiling system of the Steam version is very complex enough to make your brain blow out when looking at it.
It is necessary to check the personalities and characteristics of every resident and write a report through profiling. Since there is no automatic function, your fingers may be paralyzed by clicking a mouse for every single function. In addition, if there is a problem in profiling, repetitive work (threat, investigation, etc.)
But, the mobile version provides a neat UI and a smooth process in this part.
For example, you don’t need to profile each resident one by one. Filter function summaries characteristics and issues of residents well. With this, you don’t need to investigate each of them, but just click the parts that can be the problem.
In addition to these, mobile UI and manipulating are much easier in terms of controlling. In particular, you don’t need to directly manipulate cumbersome travel route, but just click the route. That means you don’t need to click to visit office every time or move to different places, having advantage of being able to spend more time on the core game contents.
Reigns ⎮ @NumbX's
If you are tired of swiping right or left on Tinder, please try Reigns. It might not get you a date, but will definitely entertain you.
Reigns is about running your own kingdom.
In this Tinder-like strategy game, you will meet different characters and interact with them by swiping left or right. Each swipe has a different consequence and will have an impact on the four key metrics for your monarchy: the church, the people, the military, and the treasury.
It is essential to balance these metrics. Make your choice wisely and avoid getting the bar full or empty, or you die.
In fact, you die a lot in the game. There are 29 ways to die, as you can find in the Achievement.
The decision is important, obviously.
What amazes me the most is how Reigns manages to create the roguelike gameplay through its minimalism-designed cards and the swiping right or left mechanism.
You never know what will happen in your next swipe - entering a dungeon or suddenly being cursed. Some decisions have a lasting effect on your next, or maybe more, rounds of monarchy.
The absurdity in Reigns makes the game seem more clever. Like you can save the princess without even fighting the dragon, because the dragon is actually hired by your subjects to amuse you. (What???)
I appreciate the sense of humor in games.
Reigns is available on both mobile and PC. But honestly, it is definitely better on mobile; the swiping option is a 100% fit for mobile devices. No one uses Tinder on their computer right?
By the way, if you are a Game of Thrones fan, you may also want to check out Reigns: Game of Thrones.
The Wolf Among Us ⎮ @Aldrichsouls
The Walking Dead (TWD) was Telltale’s first real attempt at providing player choice to shape the narrative. After Telltale’s breakout success with TWD, my expectations for whatever they chose to do next were extremely high. The Wolf Among Us (TWAU) has completely stunned and impressed me.
TWAU is a mature and gripping piece of fiction, held together by exceptional writing and voice work. Telltale has again gone with a stylized, cel-shaded graphics style which comes even closer to a moving comic than TWD, and the result is stunning. With excellent use of shadows and framing, this is a gorgeous homage to classic film noir.
Not only do the choices you make impact the outcome, but also when you make some of the choices. This means that you can be presented with a decision of what order to do things and the order you choose will change how the story flows. No character falls flat, and the performances that bring them to life are simply remarkable.
This game was based on Fables comic book series, created by writer Bill Willingham. What starts out as a mature version of a story using some well-known fable characters (e.g. The Big Bad Wolf aka The Sheriff), rather quickly turns into a grim, gritty adventure where nothing is what it seems like.
Gameplay-wise, the one real difference compared to other Telltale games lies in the number of quick action scenes. There are quite of a lot of these "events"', maybe too many to someone's liking, but for me, they felt perfectly integrated. The sheer tension allowed me to fully immerse myself in the story.
+ Amazing music
+ Incredible storyline
+ Strong and memorable protagonist
+ Interesting and charming characters
+ Cool extras (tons of info in the book of Fables)
+ Great graphics art style (it's like I'm playing a noir comic)
+ I'll definitely play Season 2 if they make it
- Part of the content is too bloody and violent
- Definitely not for children
I think TWAU is a perfect game for both the mobile and PC versions.
To the Moon ⎮ @wt.series
●I can't see the screen through my tears.
There’s a game with mediocre graphics and tedious gameplay that gets overwhelmingly positive feedback from all the gamers around the world. Yes, it’s To the Moon. It’s already been 5 years since I first played it, I believe I will never forget the touching story the game has conveyed to me. When someone argues that games are not art, I would recommend him to play To the Moon.
Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts have been hired to rewrite the memories of Johnny Wyles in order to fulfill his dying wish.
Unlike most other dying men, Johnny has a wish of going to the moon. So the doctors dive into Johnny’s mind and they effectively relive his life in reverse.
But no matter how they search for the reason, they don't understand Johnny's wish of going to the moon. How do I explain why the game’s brilliant without giving out spoilers? All I can say, in the end, the secret of Johnny makes me cry like a fool.
The gameplay has us chat with NPC, find the hidden items, and solve puzzles to continue. For a story-driven game, the gameplay is repetitive and boring, but I didn't really care about that since the story is so fascinating. As the game progresses, you will find the items you collected have meaning behind them.
The soundtrack is a stand-out. Until now, The Game OST For River is still the treasure in my possession. Every time I hear it again, Time just goes back to that wonderful afternoon I played the To the Moon.
The mobile version of the game is literally better than the PC version. Because the PC was made in RPG Maker and the mobile version is a Unity 3D remake. So the graphics and game content were updated a lot.
Generally speaking, Even I played a lot of games, To the Moon is still the most special one for me, because I can't see the screen through my tears.
Mentioned games

Any game that's 🎮 supported like Life is Strange , Street fighter 5, Riptide GB Renegade, Pako Highway, Streets of Rage 4 or even Huntdown is better on mobile 📱👍


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