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Gud grafik, full offline, Ai bad
Gud grafik, full offline, 4 campaigns, very bueno
No build timerz, gold only, manual combat control
Offline, no p2w, tons of maps, gud ai
Offline, no p2w, editor, 11/10
Can create troop with any look you want for free. Can download looks. And stratejik too!
Offline, not bad Ai, gud
Not strategy yet. Still gud and offline.
Offline, bootiful, not very p2w
Not offline, not srateji, not not p2w,still kinda gud
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This game is top I've played almost every Strategy game there is, from CoK to RoK, To AoT and CoD.. and all on between these (most are just pure copy paste) This game has it all, think RoK, mixed with an open world RpG mixed with Summoners War and a touch of Fallout Shelter!? Then you get something close to this! Offline pvp and PvE with heroes Online real time pvp ships vs ships and PvE with raids bosses and fights over ports
The best fast paced rts game that recently won best multiplayer game award
Absolutely the best and most fun fast paced RTS cerebral strategy game where strategy and skill matters. This award winning game that won the 2023 best multiplayer google play award in india is an f2p friendly game where you can grind and get all units through winning chests from matches. All 107 units and 18 guardians with 2 skills and unique passives coming from 5 civillizations(roman, japan, persia, viking/Norman, india) all units are balanced and even common units can beat mythic units if you use proper strategy and counterplays outwit and outplay your opponents using countless strategies counter plays and anticipate their moves endless combinations and builds in this game there is no meta everyone uses a unique build and strategy that fits their playstyle.
A simple game to try
Pros Has single player sandbox with 1 player and 3 ai if you want to A few buildings and 3 main resources Designs are kinda basic but very neat at the same time from building to soldiers The game will have a multiplayer feature, but it's coming on April Cons Basic game it has room for improvement but depends on the dev The long game might get stale you just farm resources keep making sheep's for meat and wait for someone to attack
Bill Nature1372024-03-27
Nine Sols
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Codename: Arrival
Soul Knight Prequel
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Lethal Company
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Lost Future
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