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Cozy Islands – craft & build
Cozy Island, A Animal Crossing x Harvest Moon Games

Cozy Island, A Animal Crossing x Harvest Moon Games

2K View2022-06-14
i really impressed for this games, and you know, i like it. It's innovative. But i really something that feel sucks that this still beta test.
For graphics are anime shading looking graphics, it's amazing, but the map overall are similar to Animal Crossing games. For controls are okay, you get button for crafting and joystick, that's it. They has many tool, but still unfinished. Although of that, the graphics is really good graphics are acceptable for mobile.
The store are really good, but the coins need to pay all of them, you want to pay a tool?, buy the coins. Coins can be adrded by using real money or by complete quest. Oh, no music or sfx, just silence. You see, i really supposed the developer adding Music and sfx to more like a games.
Overall, this games is impressive for map are round around and addicting gameplay, but feel unfinished. Yeah, this is beta, but must adding music or sfx in the first
I gave rating 7/10, stating "Impressive map, Graphics are acceptable, and addicting gameplay" But feel unfinished, it's still beta.
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Cozy Island
the game is good with similarities to Harvest Moon but different in terms of concepts and gameplay mechanics where we are not a farmers or harvesters but a construction workers whose entry is fresh for games on Android, moreover the game is quite relaxing even waiting for resources to recover. waiting patiently and full of enthusiasm, not only that the quality of the graphics is indeed high which is indeed worth playing for me or us even though I don't mind if the game have good the graphics or not.
Beautiful Build & Craft Game
Seems about fine for a game on beta testing,nice and beautiful graphics. You have given a piece of land with crafting benches and resources like trees,rocks,bushes and a fixed place where you'll build your house(main tast) through the resources on the island which renews in every 1hour and 30minutes. It is enjoyable but not really as enjoyable as it could get because there is no music or sounds. And the character movement for collecting items like branches,logs,etc is really bad and annoying (it should automatically cover a little distance to things when collecting them) + the animation seem very long for peeking up an item which is fine at the start but gives a headache later in game after seeing it for so many time. This game feels a bit grindy after some time since the first task to build a house can take a very long time.
Neon Games7632022-06-08
Cozy Island has really good graphics, and decent music, but it doesn't have a story, and whatever, just builds. UI The user interface is not good for craft n build games, sometimes I get stuck I can't close my inventory and have to restart the game. PERFORMANCE On this device can run the game at 50-55 fps, but drop instantly to 10 fps when there is a tutorial or text notification, The problem can be solved if given a 30 fps lock in the next update.
Ren-Verse 9002022-09-20
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