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Best Rhythm game that I know

Best Rhythm game that I know

1K View2022-06-24
The game is super easy to understand and catch up since it's new, the UI is clean, love the design of the interface. Game is fun, if you are a rhythm player, you should try this game, if you're not... Well try it once, who know, you might like it :)
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Best Rhythm Game Ever
This game is amazing! I love how no matter how long you play this game for it never gets old. With the new update coming next month, all it will do will draw more attention to the game. I totally recommend this game! It is awesome!!!
High Tide2K2023-10-17
My current favorite rhythm game. Beginner friendly.  Music are all really nice. Don't let the cute art style fool you though, it can be very challenging. Got it when it was on sale and you can further unlock all future content for a discounted price. This is essential to support the game devs. I just didn't like some of the 'fan service'. Overall this game is worth checking out!
The best rhythm game that I played on mobile so far. The gameplay is somehow similar to DJ Max Technika and Project Diva. You must hit the note at the right time to get a perfect hit. There are a lot of great tunes and music in the game for free and you can unlock more songs for a specific artist as you play each song one by one. The graphics are really good as well same goes with the character and UI design of the game.
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