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Grimlight - A Tale of Dreams
Addyneo's Impression : Grimlight, Worth It to Try?

Addyneo's Impression : Grimlight, Worth It to Try?

15K View2022-07-19
This time i will write an article about my first impression for "Grimlight"
The newcomer anime-style game. High expectations for me, but the reality? Let's see.
The game have many potential to be the "good" anime-style game. The trailer, ngl, is pretty awesome. Alchemy stars level i said. The character theme and design? Top notch! But.... here's the problem comes in.
Too many problem...like game server..i don't know if it just me or everyone. I can't enter the game many times, i almost get in, when i played it at 6 in the morning! Oh god!
And the gameplay...is boring...i don't know with gameplay like that the game can be considered "good". The 2D model is okay, but c'mooon....we have already seen  better model right? 7 sins for example.
The gameplay is too much like "Illusion Connect" if you're wondering, and  the design is almost the same! I don't know if it just me or everyone.
Oh yeah almost forgot, the tutorial is boring! Long and boring...c'mon i have high expectations for you guys!
Okay, conclusion. The game can be better, i know this game is like baby chic, i know it can improve. I hope this game can be better, because it hold so much potential.
The video version (Indonesian language) :
Rate : 6/10
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Suriel Hess
Suriel Hess

Everything you've said is 100% true...( and I literally fell asleep during gameplay).


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