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87 View2022-08-22
This is a smaller player (about 400 active players per day currentl) MMO that features thousands of hours of grinding. Multiple weapons classes, and a variety of crafting skills. This game has a pretty active community, and the devs share and speak with players n the discord. Players tend to have multiple alts to divy up crafting timers and such, and multiple classes for combat triangle. All in all a great game. Will require active grind, and AFK grinding to reach late game potential and levels. No free auto loot system, so be advised most players will need to purchase a pet (currently $15 US) to auto collect for them if they plan to afk. Also late game you could be killing thousands of mobs in a  multi hour grind, and you'll be searching for mob specific drips, so 95% of active players suggest a pet.
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