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528 View2022-09-13
It's been 3 years since I play this game and proud to say that I will still play this game in the coming years. It  just I'm so hook up in the sense of freedom that this game will give you. It  was a blast when I first started in this game it's kinda  hard, one of the hardcore mmo that I played that's why I highly recommend this for people how want extreme challenge
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Great, Great game. Amazing graphics and a friendly community with pros trying to help you at every corner. It  never gets boring. The community aspect is different from every game I've played.
The user has deleted the account7312022-09-08
Everything is great in this game. Thrill, excitement and the urge to be the number one. Man, the competitive play is so massive. Everyone wants to win. From graphics to gameplay is so good. Will always play this game like, forever.
Honestly the only game that kept me for so long until  now. Perfectly designed pve open world casual game for people like me that dont have too much time for games and most importantly it is f2p friendly because you summon for what you like rather than sweat over meta! 
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