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Azur Lane


871 View2022-09-21
Great game in all aspects
F2p friendly Gacha rates quite high for players to get the characters easily. Very rewarding missions. Awesome events and rewards. Beautifully created story. Most of all it also teaches about the history of the ships. Skins can be easily obtained on events.Simple war mechanics easy for players to understand.
I've been playing this game for past 2 years and yet i haven't encountered anything that would make me disappointed rather it amazes me that the devs are active and listen to player's demands.
Would recommend those who love anime, warships and gacha genre games.
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No matter how F2P it may be, if it has characters with chibi designs and the screen size is limited to portrait mode, then that's a hard pass from me ~


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one of the best open-world gacha game, it has it all, moba upcoming, racing, cooking, build a base, PVP with lots of modes and even the storyline is awesome! Never have i ever played a game that has completed a lot of game kodes QOL that would make a game better.
F T K1K2022-09-23
The game has many waifus (I mean shipfus), great visual effects. Plus, a simple gameplay that anyone can get acquainted with just within 1 week. Many gorgeous and sexy skins and well-rewarded events, you  guys should give this game a 
Well this is the most free to play gacha i played these past years the combat system is just great the art is great honestly the only meat with this game is that its multiplayer aspects are almost nonexistent;
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