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Grimlight - A Tale of Dreams
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awful gacha rate, pity not guaranteed hero banner, and hero banner disappear forever from gacha after event ends. arena shop is more disaster, like you got 15$/win battle and the cheapest arena item shop is 1500$.
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Suriel Hess
Suriel Hess

What else is new?! I haven't played a single gacha game with at least decent pull rates (one game had 0.047% to pull an SSR character),so yeah it's garbage here also...😑


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the worst gacha odds ever
The Good: models are nice, normal tier costumes can be purchased with in-game currency, main gameplay is fun+interesting The Bad: the gacha has the worst odds I've seen. 17/20 rewards are duplicates and the very rare event of getting a UR is ruined when it ends up being a "memory" instead of a rider. There are no guarantees, either. After over 150 pulls on the event, I still have not received one of the event special URs. Heartbreaking when they just started another event with a UR I want...
The gacha rates are soo atrocious its 2% which is low enough already but they restrict 2 characters making it about 1.5% i have rerolled 5 times doing 100 pulls and still havent gotten a single 3 star from standard banner
Another mercenary game
Don't be fooled by this beautiful game, because at first everything is very cool and fun. The problem starts when you have access to summons, it has an extremely low rate and doesn't reflect what is marked on the banners. I did a test running 6 simultaneous emulators for several hours and during this period I noticed that, I didn't get any special banner characters in both emulators (average of 30 tickets), in the normal banner I could count on the fingers of one hand the amount of SSR achieved , and the ones that came were the same as the banner with guaranteed free SSR (average of 45 tickets).
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