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Nuclear Day Survival
Nuclear Day Survival | Review

Nuclear Day Survival | Review

11K View2022-10-02
My Overall Score 8/10
Great 2D graphics with a fun hardcore survival element. Explore new areas and discover hidden treasures and fascinating people. My biggest concern is the extremely limited backpack space you have earl on.
Survival in a post-apocalyptic world!
Amazing game with a unique atmosphere! Try to survive in a post-nuclear city.
Can you handle the post-nuclear world? Radiation, hunger, disease and suffering are everywhere. And your only goal is to escape from the dying city and find the love of youth. Unique Atmosphere and deep story. Solve the mystery of the lost documents and make choices: will you save everyone or will you leave them to die...
What awaits you:
- Hard surviving. You'll be haunted by typical problems of survivor such as hunger, disease, thirsty, nuclear winter and gangs.
- Unique story. You'll meet a lot of interesting stories of different people, mystery puzzles and choices.
- Dynamic world. There will be changing weather, managing forces, etc.
Explore the abandoned and ruined world.
- System of the craft
- Unique story
- Exploring the interesting world.
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Nuclear Day is a GRITTY and EXCITING Survival Game [First Impression]
Download NOW: Nuclear Day has you play a survivor after a nuclear war. You must scavenge for food, water and supplies. Explore the nearby areas and bring back what you find. Food expires and you can get sick. Do you have what it takes to survive the post nuclear war world? Survive and Adapt, see for yourself if you are up to the challenge. Download the game NOW. ----------------------- Please follow me on all my socials!- YouTube:
Sora Synn19K2022-09-30
Nuclear Day Survival - Gameplay Walkthrough Part #1 (Android & iOS)
Nuclear Day Survival - Gameplay Walkthrough Part #1 (Android & iOS) 🔔SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/c/NextGameplay https://youtube.com/@NextGameplay 👍If you enjoyed the video, drop alike! Join My: Telegram Channel!
KTN Mobile Gameplay5K2023-01-05
Monetization... Monetization Never Changes - Nuclear Day Survival First Impressions
From Fallout to STALKER to Metro 2033, I’ve been obsessed with games set in the post-apocalypse for as long as I can remember. Even in the last few months, I’ve reviewed a number of them, including Bunker 2021 and Hell O City. The latest to join my ever-growing list is Nuclear Day Survival, a survival adventure game out now in early access from Russian developer Somnium Fabri. Nuclear Day Survival throws players into the end-times in medias res. It’s not entirely clear what has brought about this particular vision of the apocalypse—early diary entries, as well as, uh, the game's title, hint at a nuclear bomb blowing up without offering much more context around the event. Within moments of stepping into the boots of one of the few survivors left struggling to stay alive, I discovered that the outside world was covered in radiation, and I couldn’t safely leave my bunker without a gas mask. The game’s tutorial is presented as exploring that tiny vault by moving left to right on a 2D plane. While it wasn’t the most impressive place to live, I was able to scavenge through drawers and lockers to collect some basic supplies.
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