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This is the worst game.  There is too much emphasis on donation here, and apart from the name "Diablo", there is nothing from the same "Diablo" in this game, even the graphics and music in the game are terrible and look like a disgusting fake, a desecration of the original "Diablo", a Chinese company would be better,  releasing this horror, they made their own game, creating it from scratch, thinking through all the elements of the game on their own.
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tbe irony is netease the devolper is a Chinese company.


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yes. NetEase. that *MUST* be why the game is such a *horror*



This isn't a review, it's a hack job of several "popular" reviews patched together to make you sound credible. The graphics are crappy you say? The game has no sense of the Diablo Universe? uhhhh, have you even played the game? That's a legitimate question considering your empty, unfounded opinions. I, like many many other gamers, object to the obvious predatory nature of monetization. but again like many, I've fugured a way around having to pay thousands. I'm Para 433, Dmg 9000/CR 9748, playing in h7, right beside those whales who have paid tens of thousands. My maximum payout is $14.99/month in the Enhanced Battle Pass, which is a great buy. that's ALL I've ever paid. Understanding that even with the very best gear, no player is going to amount to much if they don't understand their class, and use their heads as well as their gear. The good news in the complexity of building your toon to the very best it can be, culls the herd to wean out the tourists from the real gamers. I needn't ask into which cano you fall.


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This game is straight up more disgusting than diablo immortal.You cant do anything in late endgame,unless,you open your wallet.And the ammount of money you HAVE to spend is up to 300$ dollar ,and its getting more and more,just to complete the story . . Its an unfaithull, terrible designed game,with so many lame boss fight mechanics which made me facepalm ,sooo many times.
samu robbert hardwell372024-05-01
This should be name Diablo garbage
its cheep money  making game only they put Diablo skin on it,, I played diablo more then 100 hours on my PS4 and still that game has so much more play value,, but in this game everything is pay to play,, for new player this might be something they  won't notice until they reach pay wall,, but fan the diablo series diffidently know  that how bad this game is,, don't West ur time with this trash and don't pay any money in this game because u will regret it later when the game require you to pay
I don't know why THIS called "Diablo". It is dumb slasher, nothing more. Looks good, but the process is stupid and absolutely not interesting, you ll observe as this giving you legendary stuff not because it has some chance to drop from different monsters, .. shortly, this game is crap with shiny label.
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