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This game, I had not seen it before, however I will meet Colorful stage approximately 1 year, since for me it means a lot, Miku and the boys have been introduced into my imagination and that I, live with them in that fantasy, allowing me to also dialogue every time I rest but only in my mind.
I've been looking for another game similar to colorful, and I've definitely come across this one, Love live As.
This one I also liked as colorful, it is perfect so that in my mind the girls of any group can connect with the musical members of colorful stage.
I'm going to meet this game 3 months
Maki Nishikino Since she was the captain, she made me realize how the girls prepare before a concert.♡
I hope Love Live As and Colorful stage can get to know each other and you can also let them enter your imagination ;)
The 2 would be an amazing duo, be sure to play them in your free time 💖💐🌺
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Colorful Stage is a gacha idol game, some might not like it because of that, but it actually makes the songs easier to obtain because none of them are behind a paywall (unlike other rhythm games like Rotaeno, Arcaea, etc.). also it has many known vocaloid songs and Miku, so it's immediately better, obviously.
I used to play Love Live! School Idol Festival a lot. For ppl who didn’t know about Love Live - it’s an anime that tells the story of several school girls who try to form an idol group to save the school from being shut down. It’s quite inspiring, maybe a little silly. Love Live! School Idol Festival is a rhythm game that includes the original characters and songs. It’s probably the first anime game and first gacha game that I’ve played.
Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage Game Rewiew!
Simply a fun vocaloid rhythm game. They have vocaloid groups and songs like More more jump, 25 am, wonderland showtime. You accompany the music with the sticks that the game sends rhythmically. In addition, a new event is published every month. You can read the side stories of the characters in these events. When you finish each song, you earn fan xps from these groups and tell their main stories.
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