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Metal Revolution


2K View2022-11-13
Inari from metal revolution.Beautiful skins and cool parry.
Best mobile fighting game,with real high/low block system,combos and different characters with unique play style inspired of street fighter.
Good monitization with no pay to win recommend for fgc lovers
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Don't usually play fighting games, but recently I've been playing Flash Party a lot, and for me the best fighter in that game is Sophia. Her attacking moves are pretty smooth (and I win a lot when using this character lol)
i think the best fighter is Painwheel from SkullGirls. She's story and outfit is incredible. She's techniques are cool . And this is my favourite character)
Mr. cinos1812022-11-13
I'd Like To Nominate Battlegrounds Mobile India As Most Of People Play This Game And This Game Was Best Before but In Lockdown It Helped A Lot to Many People And Now This Game Sets In everyones HeartsūüíĖ No Game Can Beat This Game And I am Sure After Few Upadates of This Game this Game Will be the Unbeatable¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†
Gamer KrrishYT2932022-09-10
forget the night before
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Codename: Arrival
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Soul Knight Prequel
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Lethal Company
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CookieRun: Tower of Adventures
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