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Episode - Choose Your Story
'Episode - Choose Your Story' review

'Episode - Choose Your Story' review

1K View2022-11-15
I used to love this game. I played it on and off for the past six years and recently downloading it again is so heartbreaking. It seems that all this game is good for is taking people's money. It used to be so enjoyable and more about the readers and writers. Although you still had to pay, the deal's were better, all the stories were unlocked, you didn't need diamonds for every fun choice. But now, it seem's heavily rooted for money.. which is extremely sad, it takes away from the whole concept.
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I fell in love with the story it’s a great game with a great start and good graphics they only down fall is you have to pay for each episode but a very worth it game to play
So disappointed with the game is beautiful good story but is pay to play and pay to win
Cosme Santos8822023-09-08
I Really Enjoyed This Game I don't Know Why Usually Story Games Like This Bores Me Especially If They Have Premium Choices You Have To Buy So Far I Haven't Seen That In This Game So Pretty Cool And The Only Problem I Have With This Game Is They Only Give You 5 Choices Everyday Except End Of The Week Where You Log In That Gives You 5+ Choices Still An Amazing Game
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