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Neko Samurai
'Neko Samurai' review - awesome & addictive game worth a try

'Neko Samurai' review - awesome & addictive game worth a try

5K View2022-11-15
An awesome game. The gameplay is pretty simple but also fairly addictive. Just can’t put it down once you’ve started playing it.
nice graphics, great characters
simple & intuitive gameplay
exquisite details in terms of design
-to improve
maybe add more characters & items
need better sound design
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Nekra Psaria I must say a unique and crazy game this is exactly what I look for in a game! I absolutely love the art and the puzzles. ​I'm a big fan of the graphic style and the potential meanings behind some of the events. And the atmosphere is like something out of a fever dream. It's not a tremendously long game, and it ends on an unexpected cliffhanger, but strange and disturbing as it is, Nekra Psaria feels like it has a lot of potentials, and we're excited to see where it leads us in the future.
'Ronin: The Last Samurai' review
Ronin is a solid game with a huge emphasis on the gameplay and art style. It nails everything it does, the RPG mechanics makes the progression feel much better. The gameplay reminds me of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice with its timed counters and enemy types. It is definitely worth a try if you’re into that type of stuff.
Neko samurai is HARDER THAN YOU THINK! First Impressions | The MGN
Neko Samurai first impressions by The MGN. Download here: Pros -You Can customize your experience- Runs smoothly on most devices- super light hearted and fun game Cons-only really one game mode- plays ads a little too consistently
The MGN18K2022-10-09
Maze of Gods
Harekat 2 : Online
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