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Angry Birds 2
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It's still fun to pop in, cause some destruction, and then go about your day. But it's a more superficial kind of fun - a pale shadow of what Angry Birds can provide when at its best. It may look dramatically better than ever, but the legendary staying power of the original Angry Birds just isn't there in the sequel.
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angry birds killed itself. some levels are like pay to win hard.


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I had been playing angry birds games for a while, and when i saw angry birds 2 i was quite excited. And I have to say, it did not disappoint. One of the first things that stood out to me was the improved graphics and better animation.The level designs were also more complicated and  challenging, making each level funner and more interesting to play. In terms of gameplay, Angry Birds 2 was just a better version of the original. It also introduced some new things like spells, multi-stage levels and accessories. This added something new to the basic slingshot mechanic and kept the game from feeling to repetitive. It also has decent sound effects and music which add to the overall fun and replay ability of the game.
When I was 7 yrs old I played this game 1 year after the did that update they ruin the game but anyways this game is so fun and it s nostalgic to play again. Angry Birds it s a part of my heart... I have so much memories playing those games
It's very different from the angry birds I played before. (Different good)
It's different from the angry birds that I used to play. The characters have costumes now unlike before, but the opponents are still the same as the green pigs. The method of attack it has is also different, but there is still a slingshot. I like that they put an interesting storyline on every level.
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