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Pokémon GO
This is Pokémon GO,so fun

This is Pokémon GO,so fun

675 View2022-11-15
Very fun game, super interactive, long term entertainment too. But there are a few issues, with the release of new updates, there have been some game breaking and frustrating bugs. Like pokemon duplication, not being able to catch rare pokemon, ect. Niantic has been doing this for ages but still has lazy bugs. But it's still playable.
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Pokémon GO - Game Review
Everything is sort of expensive. It's hard to evolve pokemons since I came from a place with just TWO pokestops (just how am I going to progress with this). Also, I rarely walk outside so it's hard to progress– but that's not a bad thing though, since the purpose of the game is to walk and play. Please do not put a cap on the number of pokecoins you can earn a day. It makes raiding a lot harder. Overall, it's a fun game when you're traveling.
This game is amazing it is a best pokémon game
ranjeet kumar jha262023-05-09
This is best pokemon game ever we can play with our friends and also play with bots there is every single pokemon in this
Gita Shrestha332023-03-23
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