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Gravity Rider Zero
A mind-blowing game!

A mind-blowing game!

1K View2022-11-16
The game misses nothing.... the graphics are lovely and swift ... the camera movements are amazing and the control are pretty simple and the game is mind-blowing. Totally loved it. The developers know what the players actually want. And the best thing? You watch ads by your choice when you have to and they will not be thrashed upon your friggin face! Amazing🙂🙃
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A game that will make you want to play more.. but there's a catch
A simple enough game that will make you want to play it more as you go further. The graphics are nice and the details are good, but it needs more life on every map, yes mobs are there what I mean is chest and power-ups for every 2 floors. This game doesn't kite/attack while moving. Similar to other games, you can't attack while moving, but kiting is nice if ever, they implement it. Decent game, worth your time when you are waiting for someone or on your break time.
Cupid Dust2K2023-01-07
the game we all waited for
its literally awesome, the graphics are really good and works really smooth on iphone and ipad! the game has good maps and modes and really good heroes! the currency is quite expensive but it is good for the price, genially i love this game and literally obssessed. i play it wveryday non stop. a m a z i n g
A game that will make you adrenaline rush in a good way!
A game that is great you will not get bored by it, the visuals, and the animation is superb! Colorful areas and cute little foxies. Gameplay is great no clunky nest when playing even though you attach it to a controller, superb job. A story-driven game that will make you get the "feels" when playing the game. I would like to recommend the game. I was in awe while playing the game.
Cupid Dust2K2023-02-08
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