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897 View2022-11-22
heroes charge use to be a great game. Came back to this game and the changes are shitty. Once i got trough the tutorial the game forces me to close out. Game is not playable anymore.
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this game sucks and every single time it always crashes and my phones charge depletes very fast when playing this game
Kills 472K2023-07-10
2days of playing still the same can't even sign in on attendance because of the tutorial in activity fund it's always stuck .. it's so trash .. can't even fix this problem .. what happen netmarble is this the best game or it's for showing that it is the best .. for me it's still a trash.. it's still no progress ..
John rey Gaduyon442024-03-23
Can't play. My characters shoot too slow and opponent team shoot too fast. Die in a minute in every match. And keep dying. Can't play. That's not fair. Bring back the old version
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