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Review 'GoreBox'

Review 'GoreBox'

63 View2022-11-23
Nice sandbox game, especially for those need to see relaxing or extreme thing. This game is satisfying plus extreme. This game needs more simple and adjustable controler or joystick and UI.
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This sandbox game is absolute insane.
Gorebox is a sandbox open-world game developed by F2 Games on PC's and Android devices. About the gameplay on android: Totally Agreed with great graphics and ragdolls animations appreciate that! After Some Time 😉----- I viewed that the game will stuck for a while if we add more than 20 models near us and if we destroy some explosive content which we shoots,the mc will stuck because the animation and frames 🎞️ get lower to respond...
BLOODSHIELD | レウィリ 先生3492022-11-25
I'm gonna say it I have gorebox it is not the best gore game but it's still good and I love it you guys should check it out
Minecraft for Those Who Love Mayhem and Blood – GoreBox: Animosity Review
So, I find myself with a bit of conundrum here, and that conundrum is: How do I review a game that I don’t truly consider a game? GoreBox: Animosity is simply a sandbox experience with six bland areas that look like they were ripped from Goldeneye 64 where you can set up and/or throw a bunch of random stuff at the wall to see what sticks or tickles your funny bone. By way of example, I made a tower of muscle cars then shot at this awesome creation of automotive buffoonery until it exploded. When the tower exploded, the cars flew all over the place, one landed right on top of me and I died. After I respawned, I wrote my name in the sand with the block-style letters offered in the menu then blew those away too…just because I
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