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10K View2022-11-25
Total Football is a mobile game that to be honest with you, I DIDN'T THINK I'D ENJOY that much because I’m not a huge fan of football, but oh man, I was in for a surprise. This game is A LOT MORE FUN THAN I ORIGINALLY THOUGHT IT WOULD BE and as much as I thought the controls would be confusing, they aren’t actually that bad at all.
Total Footballs gameplay at first glance seems like it could be complicated, even after choosing the 3 button option that is stated for beginners. 4 button is meant for professionals according to the game. When you go through the tutorials it feels like the controls are overly complicated, with plenty of text on the screen explaining what each button can do, but actually once you get into a game to play, it’s pretty straight forward. There are 3 way to get players in the game, Agent and Scout are gacha pulls, Agent seems to use pay currency, while Scout uses scout tickets, and if you combine 3 scout tickets, you have a higher chance of getting a better player. Scout is also single player summons, while Agent scouting is multiple in one pull. Also don’t worry if don’t know too much about the players, you can always auto lineup the team to place what the game thinks would be the best combinations.
Though I’m sure if you are a bigger football fan, then you would be able to min max your stats based on the players you have available to you. While I was playing I definitely felt more of a connection to the game, since you can create your own team and uniform and name it whatever you like. So you are always playing your own personal team. While playing the game, during half time and full time you can also watch the highlights from your best players as well. It’s fun to look at to see their winning goals. Or moves that the game thinks was worthy of the highlights. The only thing is that sometimes it can be a little bit confusing as to who it is you are controlling but you can always just manually switch players to find one more closer to the ball. There is also ranked matches, though it requires 210 glory points to unlock. While ranked matches are against other players, the career mode is purely against NPC’s. This is what I played the most because after checking my ping in the game, I had a very high latency to the games servers. My latency was over 200ms which would not be very ideal for the ranked play.
Visually I’d say that Total Football is a really good looking game, I wasn’t expecting that, but the game developers have definitely done a good job at making the game look really nice. Though it is funny when you get a ticket or are penalized because when your players argue back at the referee, their mouths do not move. It’s a little thing, but it does look pretty funny.
Overall I’d say that Total Football surprised me and showed that it can even be a fun game for those who aren’t that into Football themselves. I found myself cheering when I would get a goal, and booing the other team when they scored a goal. Or cursing at the goal keeper for grabbing my ball when I was about to try to score the winning goal. It definitely helps when you have your own team and uniform, you can see them all running around in the uniform and your logo that you made. It’ just adds to the immersion that this is your team. Very cool a really fun game. The only issue I had was in one match, where the 2nd half of the game had my ball magically disappear. I was dribbling an invisible ball and I still managed to score a goal with the said invisible ball. I’d imagine this wouldn’t have worked so well if I was in a ranked match. I’d imagine that would be very frustrating. Hopefully it will get fixed soon. An invisible ball is not what you want in a football match.
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THE FOOTBALL ESSENCE ON YOUR SMARTPHONE Total Football has finally come out! We wanted to make it count. That is why we took our time to create a memorable football experience for those who enjoy playing football without limits. We have put nothing but the very essence of the beautiful game in it. FASTER AND SMARTER We all want to win. But winning has a cost. Total Football's new AI engine has taken the realism of football matches to the next level. Football players make smarter decisions on both sides of the pitch in a fraction of a second. This means your team's movements and tactics have never been so accurate, but so are your opponent's. Are you ready for this?
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Pocket GM 3: Football Manager is a football management mobile game where you can play as football manager trying to create an ultimate football franchise. I was quite excited to see that I had the ability to sign, trade and draft players just like a real manager. With these options, surely I was looking forward to create a best team with very high possible overall ratings. Looking into the gameplay, you play as a manager for a standard set of players and rosters or you can just generate random players and rosters to spice the things up. I really loved this feature in the game as this could make the gameplay more challenging and new every time I start a new game. We can save the game progress in multiple save slots in this game. You can play the game in various difficulty and reputation levels which I think is fantastic as this allows you to try out your performance level at various modes with possibly different gameplay styles and strategy. I really appreciated how the game showed the players, teams and game standings stats in a very detailed way. You can weight out your players and team based on their defense, offense and overall stats. These stats are the fundamentals for creating an ultimate team in this game. While playing the game, you are shown the match events in a very exciting announcement way as the game change the tides depending on the performance level of the opposing teams. I really loved the detail of the gameplay events announcement which could give me an overview of how well my team or opposing team is performing in the field.
What a game its control is very good and graphics also it is not called total football it is called legendary football
Zadallah Noor 52024-02-25
Maze of Gods
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