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here.AMAZING GAME.Its story is really managing and the character . The events and rewards are really nice.It is based on your choice how the story will end.So be careful with your choices And take care of your partner.The skill can be changed so you can choose whichever you like or is comfortable w
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Zain Khan
Zain Khan

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this game is nice. If you have time to play, Just choose this game. Playing with your partner or friends or homies or brothers.This game is a perfect match for your type.
Jason WYM192023-10-13
nice game has a great display it’s available on every mobile platform it has both multiplayer and single player if you rather want to play alone or with a partner it has great and smooth gameplay experience which is very convenient for players the only  problem is it has no storyline which is a disappointment.
It is an amazing game and has a good like plot to it enjoy playing the game as well as the excitement of the father son romance
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