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Antioch : Scarlet Bay
Antioch: Scarlet Bay - A Quick Game Review

Antioch: Scarlet Bay - A Quick Game Review

991 View2022-12-01
Antioch: Scarlet Bay is a cooperative online narrative adventure game. Its a game on 2 detectives trying to solve murder case together in the dark city of Antioch. One detective will be you and the another one can be your friend or just a bot. Its up to you! It is quite intriguing that the decision of each partner could differ, and the team working chemistry is a very important factor to the solving of the murder case. I loved how so many options were provided whenever I was looking into a detail or a conversation or a crime scene clue. Each option could lead to a different story ending! Thus, I found the journey quite exciting in the game.
First of all, I loved the classy artworks of the game with clever selection of beautiful colors to give the game a dark theme with detective vibes. It felt like as if we were working in the shadows to uncover the dark secrets. Additionally, the classy suspenseful music always kept me pumped up with lots of goosebumps. Honestly, I really loved the choice of background music that were used in the game. The devs have really worked nicely to provide us an amazing visual and auditory experience. The visuals and the music goes hand on hand with each other perfectly. Kudos to the Devs!
What is most intriguing is obviously the dramatic and multiple ending storyline with excellent dialogues and activity options! This game truly gives a real life like detective sensation to its players. The setup, plot and twists of the storyline is really jaw-dropping.  I really appreciated how multiethnic characters like Indians were included in the storyline. It really spices the things up in the game as it really really gives a great sense of depth to the the character personality. Plus it makes the story look more genuine.
Overall, I think the game is a masterpiece that you really need to try out! Jaw-dropping storyline, multiple endings, classic music and visual setup, mutl-ethnic NPC characters to investigate, lots of places in the map to speculate, and excellent dialogues makes the game too much fun!
- Jaw-dropping storyline
- Fantastic music and visuals
- many multi-ethnic characters on play gives real life like feeling
- Multiple story ending possibilities
- can play with friend
- no lags, or crashes
- A movie-like sensation in gameplay
- portrait mode
- no 3D graphics involvement
-  no character voiceovers
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Sometimes it takes a friend to solve a murder - Antioch: Scarlet Bay Quick Review
As an interactive fiction fanatic, Antioch: Scarlet Bay was a real treat. This indie gem is a unique entry into the genre that adds a cool multiplayer aspect to the familiar choose-your-own-adventure mechanics. TIME PLAYED I spent around two hours total playing Antioch: Scarlet Bay with a new recruit I named "Stagger" That was plenty of time to wander around the city and gather clues about a mysterious murder, but overall playtime will depend on the paths you take, the areas you choose to spend time investigating, and whether you choose to replay for multiple endings.
Antioch: Scarlet Bay - First Impression
Antioch: Scarlet Bay is a cooperative narrative adventure game. You play as two detectives who work together to solve a murder case in the dark city of Antioch. The game has multiple endings, as your decisions affect the evolution of the story and its multiple endings. It's great fun!
まこと ゆうか3K2022-11-24
Antioch: Scarlet Bay - Worth Playing?
Antioch: Scarlet Bay is a cooperative online narrative adventure game. With an amazing storyline unfolding with lots of plots and twists, the two detectives are on the job to solve a murder case in the city of Antioch. With lots of places to go in the map, we have to gather the clues and evidences to solve the mystery case as soon as possible with our partner. Our partner can be a bot or our friend. The game also demands to have a good team understanding between the partners, because with conflicting choice of options can doom the case or give us an alternate ending that we want. Now you must have realized that this game has multiple endings depending upon our selection of words and choices. I was very intrigued by the excellent dialogues in this game. The vibe of the game is setup by suspenseful background music and dark themed artworks with amazing selection of colors. So far, this is one of the best narrative adventure game that I have played so far in the mobile game platform.
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