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August 1 Zero Downtime Maintenance Notice

August 1 Zero Downtime Maintenance Notice

4K View2019-08-01
==August 1 Zero Downtime Maintenance Notice==
Dear Players:
To bring you improved gaming experience, we will undergo a zero-downtime maintenance at 11:00 am (UTC+8), Thursday, August 1. Top-up and matching features may be unavailable during maintenance. Please note you must quit game and download update patch afterward to enjoy the newest additions!
1. Gun Shield
Gun Shield by definition is a high-defense weapon, but it was restricted to blocking bullets from basic firearms and not damage from explosions or Flamethrowers, making its in-game application very boring and of little value.
Therefore, we improved how gun shields work. In addition to block bullet damage, now gun shields can also absorb partial damage from explosions and Flamethrowers.
Of course, this is assuming a shield is facing the attack, so make sure you position it properly.
2. Arthur
When facing Doomlight, Arthur's Whirlwind Charge can be blocked by Doomlight's shield, which doesn't meet our expectation on Arthur as a melee specialist.
Therefore, we made some adjustments that Whirlwind Charge cannot be blocked by summoned shields now.
1. Clan
A. Lowered points necessary to level up a Clan;
B. You can set and change authorizations when creating a Clan;
C. Prompts will be more clear when a Clan Mission is complete;
D. Double confirmations when removing a member.
2. Tier System
A. Team Deathmatch mode and Battle Royale mode now share the same tiers, so you can improve your tier by playing either game mode.
B. Points in Team Deathmatch mode are determined by kills, number of Mecha destroyed, win/loss outcome, and opponent's tier in matches, so you may get more League Points for fighting skilled opponents, and conversely fewer for fighting weaker ones.
3. Team Deathmatch Mode
A. Improved appearance of recovery items in scenarios, and increased DUR to 150 for humans, 800 for Mecha.
B. Improved appearance of elevators in scenarios, making them easier to access;
C. Buzzer Beaters adjusted to when the point difference is just one and the final point is scored in the final 40 seconds, it counts as a Buzzer Beater;
D. Avatar for Team Deathmatch results changed to Mecha used in the match.
E. Improved matching rules for Team Deathmatch mode to make players well-matched in strength in a match.
4. Arena Upgrade
A. The Store in Yayoi Bridge is renovated to feature a more bustling, spacious, and brighter interior!
1. Ace Duel
After maintenance, get ready for the second event in All-Out Party: Ace Duel!
Until 18:00, Aug. 8 (UTC+8), fight in Battle Royale or Team Deathmatch games for rankings on four leaderboards by killing players or destroying Mecha.
Top-ranked players will win wonderful prizes such as exclusive chat bubble, avatar frame, Appearance Coupons, etc.
2. New Weapon
Light up Mecha City in the summer with the limited-time Sparkle Blaster! Use it to set off brilliant fireworks as well as massive damage in a short time. Invite your friends and bring brilliant sparks to Mecha City!
Available Period: August 1 - August 29;
#BOObtainable free#n in Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch.
3. Toffee Nougat
"Foodie Paradise" and "Calling All Friends" missions added to Toffee Nougat event. Players gain Apple Candy for playing in Battle Royale games or completing event missions.
Redeem Apple Candies for exclusive Hanabi chat bubbles and other rewards.
4. Summer Bliss
Help for Summer Party is here! Invite Friends to send blessings and get rewards, up to super-cool Mecha skins!
1. Improved display when getting S-level rewards in Lucky House.
2. Adjustments to Lucky Balls:
A. Increased probabilities for firearm and vehicle appearances, as well as Bonus Cards;
B. R-Cards added to prize pool;
C. Reduced probabilities for Trial Cards, removed Player EXP as prize;
3. Display for exclusive rewards added to Lucky Ball reward preview.
4. Removed Redemption Store, switch appearance redemption feature to Appearance Store and shown alongside purchase price;
5. New item added to Store: Premium Lucky Voucher, redeemable with 8 Epic R-Cards;
1. Prompts added for audio visualization and hit visualization. Players can view details in Settings.
2. Recruit Friends system added.
3. Share on Line added. Players can go to Store and update to the latest client to experience this new feature.
1. Improved display and layout for icons on the main panel.
2. Fixed the issue where photon turrets on Doomlight's back cannot be seen when firing.
3. Improved the camera movement when getting on Mecha.
4. Adjusted texture and lighting on Mecha.
5. Improved texture on Firefox.
6. Improved control feedback when firing with Gun Shield and Shatterstar Shotgun.
7. Improved auto-scrolling for Recommended in Store.
8. Edited the description for All-Out Party: Elite Team in "Events", as the actual requirement for Clans should be Level 3.
9. Adjusted feedback for shooting in a Deformed Car, improved camera performance and recoil.
10. Moved Newbie Sign-in to "Events" and added All-Out Party portal to Lobby.
11. Fixed the issue of Deformed Car getting partially stuck when changing in tight quarters.
12. Fixed the issue of Gabriel teleporting to block
13. Improved the special effect to avoid a hit player unable to aim due to obstruction because of it.
14. Fixed the errors in lags suggested by servers.
15. Fixed the inconsistency in using Skateboard Blueprint while running.
Finally, thank you for following and supporting Super Mecha Champions. We look forward to seeing you on the field!🎈🎈
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jefferson costa

Só falta lança um servidor brasileiro


Mine ニゖざ
Mine ニゖざ

i can't open that game 😭 when i use vpn then i play but ping is soo high plzz fix .....


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So falta melhorar o servidor para os brasileiros.



Eu jogava no servidor da Asia e o ping era ruim pra carai. Batia 350 e até mesmo 400. Agora que tem esse servidor NA aí , ta dando pra jogar com ping 70~90. Eu queria muito uma opção pra destravar o FPS, porque não importa o que eu mude nos gráficos, ele sempre vai rodar a 30 FPS.. :(


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Rajnish Rawat
Rajnish Rawat

sala this game is not on 4 weeks fix it im old player this game


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