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I love this game!!!

829 View2022-12-12
One of the best mobile music rhythm games I've ever played, I really love the gameplay and the songs that are put in the game often!!
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The best rhythm game that I played on mobile so far. The gameplay is somehow similar to DJ Max Technika and Project Diva. You must hit the note at the right time to get a perfect hit. There are a lot of great tunes and music in the game for free and you can unlock more songs for a specific artist as you play each song one by one. The graphics are really good as well same goes with the character and UI design of the game.
The game is really good. The game reminds me of DJMax Technika and Cytus II. The artstyle of the game is good as well, and most importantly the tunes and music that you can play with is really great. This rhythm game on mobile is recommendable for rhythm game fanatics. Overall, the game is good. Tho, adding a setting feature for a higher frame rate will definitely improve the gaming experience..
Its an amazing rhythm game! I love all the songs because its catchy and rocks hard, The bug in it is gone but sometimes gets in, but i dont seem to care. But anyway its so fun! This is a  recommendation :D
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