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Netease needs to open global

Netease needs to open global

28 View2022-12-17
Overall for me as an amateur gamer the game is good, the only issues I have is that I couldn't connect to any matches for 2 days. Compared to my ping on Codm being 46ms on this game my ping is 10x more than other games I play. The other issues like only being limited to Asia is terrible as so many other gamers global cannot enjoy full features of the game when they invest in the game by purchasing in game content. Maybe once this is fixed then I'll get it again.
But keep up the great work N
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Game was suuuper fun at first then it turned hard-core p2w and luck is seldom in this game.waiting for undawn to release global but have a feelin it'll turn the same myadvice dontcwaste time on this one go to undawn n hope they stick to what they say cuz netease sucks!!!
Just want it ! NetEase was making good games , after India banned several games , gaming feels like shit !
I hate netease!!!
Netease always makes some really good projects for them only to be abandoned after the trailer or to make an beta on Chinese and then to never update it again. Nobody wants another town building game or PUBG ripoff. Code T ,eternal frontier,fading city and more projects just get abandoned out of nothing. Happily this didn't happen for project bloodstrike.The last games i enjoyed were: Lost light which had an really good atmosphere and music and everything.I love it absolutely.But i can't even play a second because either it's pay to win or i get wall banged everytime i spawn.
Mister M522023-08-07
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