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WW2 Glory: Strategy Game
WW2 Glory: Strategy Game - Short Game Review!

WW2 Glory: Strategy Game - Short Game Review!

2K View2022-12-26
In the strategy game WW2 Glory, you must complete your assigned objectives in order to win the conflict. The artwork for this game is based on the events of World War II, which took place between 1941 and 1945, and the landscape in the game follows suit. The weather's climatic shifts create a scene that feels like a real-world war zone. The game's ability to predict weather changes impressed me.
Regarding the military personnel, I really enjoy how they look and how they are clothed because it perfectly fits the purpose of the game. You have the impression that you are viewing a world war documentary. Don't forget to check your missions while playing the game because that's how you progress advancing and receiving rewards. The topography of the game is undoubtedly another alluring aspect of it. I appreciated the work the developers made to create such a stunning atmosphere, and if you are skilled enough to take advantage of it, it might even help your squad survive a difficult battle. The game's music is decent enough to give you the impression that you are seeing a military film; it clearly tries to match the mood of the game. In order to get closer to your target and quickly assault or take them over, the gameplay revolves around how safe you are going to make your actions. It gave me the impression that I was playing chess as to destroy the enemy and pave the path for my troops, I had to approach every move methodically. Although there are no bugs in the game, I detest having to wait while it loads.
Overall, the game tries to simulate a conflict, so if you enjoy playing war games, I would suggest giving it a try.
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WW2 Glory: Strategy Game - Worth Playing?
WW2 Glory: Strategy Game is totally a war game where you need to defend yourself and your team and fight the battle to win the target missions. This game gives you a set of missions that must be fulfilled in order to conquer over the enemy and leveling up. I am not that much into war and battle game so, I kind of didn’t enjoyed playing this game. But, the game has really put a lot of effort in giving the players a true real life battlefield experience. I mean, without being biased let’s talk about the military get up it’s so real the way  they are dressed totally army vibe and then the artwork of the game is totally a real battlefields, the sort of things you watch in World war documentaries. The music totally matches with the game and gives you an impression of being in a real war field.
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