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740 View2022-12-27
I am getting a little pissed off because of glitches and it's all Act 3, door that can't be opened by me or the Neighbor, I could be on the other side the Neighbor just runs in and gets me, the door isn't even unlocked or accessible. The mannequins in the green key can get me in the lockers and the mannequins in the shopping mini game will get me from anywhere no matter what, even if I crouch and don't move, the mannequins and the Neighbor can get me, also the mannequin in the green key mini game would also camp at the locker I am in and it didn't even see me go into the locker. But what pisses off my family when they play Hello Neighbor has the same glitches except it is on the Sony Playstation 4 and the Sony Playstation 5 using the Sony Playstation 4 version (Hello Neighbor 2 has PS4 and PS5 versions but I'm talking about Hello Neighbor Full Game). So my family and I are mad and we want the errors fixed (Please no take this the supply and demand kind of way, but as the way of if you can plz do something to fix the glitches and errors fixed) ASAP if possible in anyway that can be done.
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Aadityaamogh Haridas
Aadityaamogh Haridas

take push power


Christopher Petrovich
Christopher Petrovich

I want to join because I think you're cool app is nice and I like how do I can get whatever I want for free thank you I can play fortnite forever with my friends now I'm going to make sure to get this on my iPhone 15


Jayraj Kumar
Jayraj Kumar

same problem


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Nothing much needed all is perfect in this game some glitches can be solved and the company will solve these small issues g.o.a.t game I have ever played 
I like this game but so many glitches
vimal Babu222023-03-21
i swear to god this game is so broken, the movement bad, the button syncronisation is bad i can even move the shop button, the eye icon button glitch is also annoying the gameplay, the graphic is great for me,i hope those error fixed as soon as possible, this is a good game not gonna lie
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