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Plants vs. Zombies™ 2
Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 - Kai's Posts - TapTap

75 View2022-12-28
the graphics for the game are awesome and the music the only problem in the game is the audio i like what they did to the costumes and towers and the new plants are amazing :)
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Such a beautiful graphics and the music is just wonderful.
This game is amazing!! I love this game so much I love the feature graphics story in this game, Every other game has to learn how to make a good story without boring dialogue like this game.. really enjoy the story and the vibe of this game
Very good game graphics, music and the Gameplay is well done the details are incredible
The game itself is good the graphics the sound effects and what i love the most is the pets haha i mean it's cute and also the clothing please add more clothes for the official release
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