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Punishing: Gray Raven
It's like i restarted my hi3 acc

It's like i restarted my hi3 acc

1K View2022-12-30
This is good, but as a new player, you'll eventually get annoyed at the rng skills and grinding for pity kinda takes long. Igaveit a try again to try and get nier characters but doing the   quest made me think that i'm playing hi3rd all over again. Unlike hi3rd it's very nice to new players you get ton of shit so grinding is fun but the little rewards this offer made me back out but the atk effects are good great visual and interesting story.
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ty for the tip to dis game



use roland then


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Nice graphic nice story.. but quest grinding too long .. item drop almost non existence . Prices too high...it just started we hope for more friendly way to interact from the devs... it will kill the interest of the players.. I have spend some money . I don't know if its worthy.  Waiting for more developments.
Zyxter Kruzz332024-03-15
Terrible gaming experience with arduous quests with little rewards. A complete waste of time. Play HSR instead
so, I have been seeing ads on this game and I finally decided to give it a try. I have to say, it's an alright game. The graphics are nice and the storyline is ok. I'm enjoying it so far, but I noticed almost everything is autoing and stuff. it will switch back to auto even if you turn it off when you click on quests...I think this is a crucial problem(kinda makes the whole game boring tbh). But overall, its an ok game.
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