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If you enjoy games that’ll challenge you, Graviter is a must-try. Graviter is a well-designed, mind-teasing puzzle game that had me at my wit’s end. In this visually aesthetic game, I had an absolute blast solving puzzles and bending gravity to my will. I guess you could say Graviter really attracted me.
Okay, puns aside, Graviter is a seriously great game that I’d recommend to anyone. The mechanics are pretty simple and there’s only one objective: acquire the key in a level to make it to the next. However, doing so, well that’s the challenging part.
In Graviter, I needed to solve different puzzles across many unique levels using both strategy and skill. See, figuring out a plan to smash through levels took me a while to do, but executing it required a lot of technique and patience. The reason behind this is that Graviter features a mechanic that allowed me to bend gravity and either fling my character toward the ceiling or back to the ground.
To make it even harder, I had to figure out how to unlock the cage that had the key needed to exit the level. To do this, I needed to press switches or manipulate objects and place them on buttons opening the cage or certain areas. Although that might sound easy, I also needed to precisely time when I’d switch the pull of gravity, so that objects would land in the right places, which felt really difficult at times.
That said, I loved Graviter because it challenged me in a way that had me thinking and moving. Not only did I have to conceptualize plans to solve puzzles, but I also needed to pay attention to the way I used gravity. One wrong step and sometimes I’d need to restart the entire level. When that happened, I became somewhat frustrated, but even more focused on solving the puzzle and making it through. It’s these exact moments that kept me playing for hours and hours and will make me continue relishing the game this week.
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Graviter: A Quick Gameplay Review
Graviter is an RPG adventure mobile game which as per my experience, I find it quite interesting and very challenging.  The moment you enter the game, you can already see on the screen the keys to help you move right, left and also up and down. I was quite amazed how the character could just jump in an anti-gravitational way, and we can walk in the opposite direction of the ground. By the way this game does not have story plot or tutorial all you got to do is figure out what your next move is going to be. I really liked that concept, because it increases that rush and curiosity for your next step. In the gameplay, you not only have this cool move as I mentioned, but also being a kind of a puzzle game, it makes the game more interesting as we always anticipate for the next move. All you got to do is collect the keys that’s located on different parts of the screen and figure out how you are going to get the key to enter through the door that’s locked. As you enter into the door, the next scene is showed.
Using the Power of GRAVITY! Hopefully nothing hits me - "Graviter" Mobile Game Review
Summary: Introducing an out-of-this-world puzzle experience unlike any other! In our game, you'll solve mind-bending puzzles using the power of gravity. Rotate the environment to change the direction of gravity and guide your character through increasingly challenging levels. With intuitive controls and visually stunning graphics, you'll be hooked on this game from the first level. But don't be fooled by its simplicity, as the puzzles will test your problem-solving skills and keep you entertained for hours.
Graviter - Gameplay Review | Cool Gravity-Manipulation Puzzle Game!
Graviter is a puzzle RPG mobile game where you have to use gravity to solve complex puzzles so that you can progress to higher stages with higher difficulties. The gameplay is very challenging and fun. Try this game out!
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