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Everything that people say about donation is all lies and slander. The game has a pay-to-win PVP system, but there is nothing else like it in the game. You don't need a penny to get pumped. But the further you go in level and difficulty, the more the game will test you for endurance and the correct development of skills and a selection of legendary items, which will become a difficulty for most casual players. The game has an inconvenience in the form of mandatory entry into groups for passing dungeons, as well as the game is full of small bugs that do not affect the gameplay from the word at all.The rest of the graphics, story, gameplay are top notch, you will never get bored of this game if you truly love this genre. The game has a disgusting localization into Russian, so I advise you to play in the original language - English. The plot and most of the dialogues are distorted in Russian, meaning, jokes and other elements are lost. The visual of the game is so pleasant that the first days I blinked so little that I had to drip eye drops in a course ... I recommend this game to everyone. Casual players - try, the rest - play to the end
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Vseslav Voinov
Vseslav Voinov

Just stupid idiot with no brain. This game is obvious donate sheet. But if this is not enough.... There is zero content.... Nothing to do, only stupid monthes of farming their paywalls an d other useless sheet



but the Gameplay are boring,0 qol,no UI scalling on most mobile device,0 fixes


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The character models are made crookedly (not in combat), the fight is completely afk (I kind of go to play, and don't watch how the game levels go for me). Quite a greedy lottery .  The game falls asleep at the beginning of resource usage. It also forces you to watch a lot of ads to get bonus resources. They also force you to donate. It looks too cheap to me. As they would say in Russia : " За такое говнище , такие денжища ... "
This game is addictive. If you're willing to grind, the monetisation really isn't an issue. I haven't played for a while because other things have taken up my time but it's the kinda game that, once you're ready, jumping back in is no problem. The bosses are somewhat repetitive and the difficulty curve can be a real pain to unlucky players who don't p2w. I never spent a penny on the game and it took me I think until the second week of playing to get a even a legendary weapon! The day after I got a mythic level pet and the game became easy again.
This is a good game, because there is not an immense amount of pressure to spend money. The rewards are quite generous, and there are many side objectives to do.
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