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Bullet Hell Monday Black
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1K View2023-01-07
At a glance, I found the graphics to be vividly hallucinatory and exciting. I haven't seen any game like them! Gameplay was overwhelming, however, I was never really sure what was going on.  After about 30 minutes, I reluctantly uninstalled. I can't, in good faith, recommend this game. Maybe, at 52, I'm just too old.
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It has decent graphics, but the gameplay is a bit boring going long.
The color combination of blue and purple is really appealing which made me continue to play for a bit, but the gameplay as it progresses really doesn't give off an interest to keep playing further. Because the gameplay and puzzles get a bit repetitive, which makes it a bit boring in the long run.
Such an interesting to play, I enjoyed every moment of it.
The graphics of the game is on par with the old play station games, and definitely enjoyable to play. The game is very delicate with the tutorials too which makes the game less difficult than it should be. What I love about the game is that the storyline is also interesting, which made me play longer; not so boring at all. For the money, I think this is really worth my purchase.
Green Scavenger2K2023-02-16
The game is light, pixelated, in my opinion it is ideal for children, which for an adult will seem a boring game, but the idea is not bad, if the graphics are better, I will recommend it to everyone for familiarization.
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