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This seems simple, but not easy.

This seems simple, but not easy.

1K View2023-01-08
The graphics and effects are not that fancy, it is very simple (for me). This game’s structure isn’t complicated, there is only one task per stage. I thought that I could easily pass each stage but the task is more difficult than I thought. I tried twice on the first stage and I couldn’t pass the fourth stage. Furthermore, I hope the developers will upgrade this game and create more stages.
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This game is bad 😞It is not possible to pass the first stage, and this is a challenge. Anyone who passes the first stage of the game does not have a way to pass the first step of the turn.
Mohamed Saber2K2023-10-16
Its a bit hard but it's really simple. But if your looking for a game that you want to play for a long time this is probably not the game for you.
Ima Legend8942023-09-06
This game is difficult but so good...
I watched the Gameplay video and the game is exactly what I was looking for.
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