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Flash Party
TIME TO BE A PARTY STAR!!! - Game Review: Flash Party

TIME TO BE A PARTY STAR!!! - Game Review: Flash Party

4K View2023-01-16
Flash Party is Platform Fighting Game. You can control the most interesting Heroes in this exciting fighting party. Attack, jump, dodge, and block... throw your opponents off-stage with all sorts of moves!
Choose from over 20 distinctive Heroes, and many more on the way! With the arrival of "Stardust Warriors," the battle style receives an overall upgrade: 4 different classes, each with distinctive mechanisms. Discover your unique style, and you are the next Party Star!
Besides the lag issues on both PC and Mobile
Flash Party has been fun, and I like playing two characters, and the character skins are also very well animated.
Flash party gets a rating of
Do Recommend
If you are looking for an excellent Smash-like game
available on PC and Mobile, this is a fantastic game!
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You know there are alot of Smash-Like Games Brawlhalla Multiversus Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Rivals of Aether and more! But there is this one with creative character designs that are very flashy, with No super explosive moves! The game we are going to talk about today is called. FLASH PARTY!!! To also add before we start the review! Flash Party is also available for Android and iOS and is now available for Steam!
A stellar platformer fighting game inspired by Super Smash Bros. | Full Review - Flash Party
Flash Party is a platformer fighting game developed by XD and is released free-to-play for both Android and PC platforms, featuring a gameplay inspired by Super Smash Bros., with its own original characters and live-service element. 🟩Pros +Console level visuals +Fun combat +cross platform play with PC and Mobile 🟥Cons -Progression system (especially unlocking characters) seemed a little bit grindy
Flash Party - Hype Impressions/Official Launch/It Will Suck You In
You can watch more reviews on My YouTube Lay the smackdown on your opponents in a variety of multi-platform arenas by knocking them off the stage and into the stratosphere. Dominate in various game modes that include 1v1, 2v2, Brawl, Arena and Soccer Showdown, each with their own victory conditions. Unlock rewards like rare costumes, KO effects, as well as coins you can use to redeem items. Level up your heroes and increase your player proficiency the more you play!
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