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3rd edition of Emiko’s Adventures: League of Hesteil

3rd edition of Emiko’s Adventures: League of Hesteil

129 View2023-01-19
Welcome back to Emiko’s travel guide!
Let’s learn about the largest and coldest region of Arathos - Hesteil. Throughout Arathos’ war-torn history, refugees have escaped to Hesteil’s unwelcoming mountains. However, Hesteil wasn’t the most peaceful of lands either, suffering from constant warfare between the mountain tribes – until Jofurr Bjorn Valeria unified all the tribes into the League of Hesteil.
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Located at the southern tip of Hesteil, the Twin Frost Pillars has been home to the Crystal of Arathos since time immemorial. After the Battle of Cyron Steppes, the Kingdoms of Arathos formed the Council of the Apostles. The representatives of the six nations are entrusted with preserving the hard-won peace in Arathos. The council also resolves international disputes and appointed Leon Daracan as Crystalbearer.
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