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Love this game, the gacha is f2p friendly.
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Easily the most generous gacha out there, you can literally get almost every character in the game even as f2p
This game is probably one of the most generous gacha game out there.I've played multiple gacha game before and based on my experience this game is very generous with its gacha
D4RK C4PT4IN2022022-11-27
You can basically access anything as a F2P just from farming: skins, limited and balanced characters. Love the dev for being so generous with gifts and compensation as well. This is the only gacha game that i still stick with after 2 years 🤘
Đức Huy Lưu1712022-11-27
Myth: Gods of Asgard
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Seven Knights Idle Adventure
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Dusk of Dragons: Survivors
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ARCANE RUSH: Battlegrounds
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Mojo Melee: pvp auto chess
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