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Gods of Rome review

36 View2023-01-28
Honestly, whenever I remember playing fun mobile games, this game comes to mind first. I have played this game for so long and also lost my first account sadly, which made me stop playing the game, but I still cane back, because the sole idea of different pantheon gods, heroes and mythical beasts fighting each other is such an amazing idea. This game will most likely forever be my most liked fighting game on mobile. Since I liked it so much, I wondered why not review it, of course I'm not saying this game is perfect, it does have flaws.
Graphics: Honestly this games graphics are pretty good, back then when I was a kid they looked amazing. The atmosphere and the character models are pretty good, honestly I'd say they did a good job.
Animations: don't get me started, the animations are pretty quick and fluent, some ultimates have too much stuff in them that make my phone lag, but honestly it's pretty impressive.
Story: Not gonna lie, this games story is one of the few that managed to peak my interest, it's really not bad, but kinda cheesy, I won't spoil it, but you will understand if you play it yourself.
Gameplay: It has that typical fighting style, tap and you attack, hold on the enemies side to do a heavy attack and hold on your side to block, there's also 3 abilities for each character, which is cool, it's that kinda old style of fighting in a mobile, but it's that kind of classical taste that is pretty fun.
Multiplayer: Yes, there is a multiplayer, but I'd recommend you get strong characters, because there will be moments where you won't be able to do anything, plus I'd recommend you just play either the events and the campaign more, it just feels like pure bots are playing multiplayer. Also the minus about multiplayer is that after you use your strongest characters, you can't use them again in multiplayer, there's a cool down, which is really annoying.
Cons: Multiplayer kinda sucks, events that are harder are also tedious, there's a chance that you might loose your account if you delete the game and come back to it, which happened to me.
Pros: Classic fighting style game, interesting concept, pretty fun, interesting story, graphics are pretty good along with the animations, lot's of characters with almost all having unique abilities.
In general I'd say it's a fun game and solid game that I'm happy is still alive, I used to play this game a lot along with  my friends, I totally recommend this game to those that love mythology and fighting, no other game has made me feel this much fun.
Rating: 8.8/10
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