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Genshin Impact - Lantern Rite


1K View2023-02-01
The best of all...
It has everthing a player want..
Nice character design, good story,many boss to fight,a big map to explore, f2p friendly too. The graphics is aswm in my opinion. But the only problem is it's big size considering it's graphis , and a good mobile to run it. But other than that it's overall the best.
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But Genshin is not MMORPG Bro 🤔


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One of the most best and beautiful games I have played the graphics and character customization is absolutely amazing if you are looking for a game with amazing graphics, classes, and customization options then this is the game for you!
Traveling Merchant6742023-01-31
Genshin impact.. It is the best game I ever played . It has everthing u want, A big map , different monster to fight and it is also f2p friendly..
DEVIL KINGDOM9482023-02-01
A great game with a big map to play and and many more to explore, the lore, the graphics, the gameplay quality, and the optimisation of the game, every thing is great.
Mukund Shinde2K2023-02-03
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