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my experience from playing

my experience from playing

1K View2023-02-19
well here's my experience from playing this game for way too long
devs don't give a damn, greedy and ignorant to the game's overall problems, bots litter the game, hackers sometimes rule a certain part of the day, and so on and so forth
(read above if text too long)
speaking of problems, hackers, exploits,and many more problems plague the game's ecosystem.
and oh yeah and by the way this game has premium currency, a gacha system, a damn battle pass, and a premium road for you spend time and money to get worthless cosmetics, yeah the skins may look cool and awesome but is it worth spending tons of dollars and time on it?
and to inform the unfortunate s.o.b. that reads this, tickets for the gacha system are painfully grindy to get ahold of, for example a single premium ticket for the basic pool is around 1500 credits doesn't like alot but get this you only get like 300 from the credit thing in your profile 250 creds from a clan thats semi active, 20 creds per challenge and maybe even 10 for weekly "limited" challenges
not to mention that there's a limit for how much tickets you could buy for every week, 3 is the limit not counting the highlight store ticket which you could only buy once per week
well if you read this long i shall go over the gameplay
it's decent when it works, unplayable when it isn't.
the mechs are fun don't get me wrong but it has the same problem as like titanfall where if you get a mech first you could most probably eliminate everyone near you for less competition (well if the competition isn't bots where most of the time they are)
gunplay of decent for a br mobile game could be worse could be better
vehicles are lacking(only two vehicles not counting the hover board)
and the teams for br are horribly imbalance, a full experienced team of three could wipe out an entire server meanwhile little old Jimmy playing by himself can't win a damn game
well i don't know what more to put here so if you made this far and read it all the way through and see all my spelling mistakes know that im just warning you, play at your own risk and try to have fun at least
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so you deleted the game or?


blyatman Author

yes I've deleted it for a long time now


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kiddz kiddo
kiddz kiddo

well..still play it when i get bored🤣🤣


Joshua Boyi
Joshua Boyi

well dang, spirit broken


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This is a great game, but the map needs to be updated. it gets boring playing the same map over and over. They've done a good job releasing characters and Mecha, but let's update the simple things now (update - as of 1/20/2022 They've added a new map!) I can somewhat compare this to Titanfall 2 (amazing game), but it still doesn't come close. I think that's being able to play as your character and call down a mech is a cool feature of this game. There's plenty of characters with their own special ability as well.
First of all, I would like to point out that the graphics, mechanics and designs are all incredible. The main problem is the fact that the game gets worse with every major update.  The balance in this game is pretty much nonexistent, with higher rarity weapons being ten times stronger than the starter weapons. I get that the company is trying to make money to keep the game going, but you simply cannot ignore the recent balance change where they specifically nerfed nearly every single grey and green mech and buffed all of the purple and yellow ones. 
The game was good at first but then, you eventually just fight bots cus there is no player and if there's a player they are so op.. You get a hard time getting new mechs and weapons cus  the devs won't add  it in the progress path. Although there's crate rush, you still need tokens  (you need to buy tokens at the store with real money) and a ridiculous amount  of Acoins.  And events only give you one free token.
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