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Super Sus - Who Is The Impostor
Super Sus - WhiteJack Gameplay

Super Sus - WhiteJack Gameplay

1K View2023-02-28
WhiteJack Gameplay Introduction | Super Sus
Hi Spacecrews!
Welcome our new crew, WhiteJack.
In this video learn the basics to play as a WhiteJack.
Don't forget to update your game to the latest version~
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Super Sus - Whitejack Manga Competition
Whitejack Manga Competition is here! Welcoming our new crewmate Whitejack, create comic story about Whitejack, and win a lot of rewards! Captain urges you to use your creativity and make the most interesting story for the Whitejack! Event Rules: 1. Like and Share this post 2. Create a comic story for our new role: Whitejack (e.g What is going to happen when Whitejack meet the other members?) 3. Upload your comic to your own Facebook or Instagram Feed (Don't send it in the story or groups)
Super Sus - New upcoming features
Wanna know more about the game, role, and maps? We're having the new Practice Mode for all crew. Starting with the beginner one: Training Camp. Here you'll learn the basics of the game, and complete all tutorials to get the rewards. You can learn more in Freeplay. Try every role in every single map. Learn more each map's tasks and vents. Find your best strategy, before playing with the real stuff.
Super Sus - New update
Dear Spacecrews, we have updated the new version, come and check what's new here: 1. New Spacecrew Role: Whitejack - Whitejack can guess anyone's role during meetings. - Eliminate the target if guessed correctly, otherwise, you will be eliminated. 2. Role Adjustments: Janitor, Plumber 3. Clash of Captains Balance Adjustments 4. Main Menu UI Optimized 5. Game Experience Optimizations: Added color card to meeting panel, Voice comm adjustment, Spectate mode
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