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Limbus Company
FASTEST Reroll Guide & Best Units, Best EGO, EGO Breakdown | Limbus Company

FASTEST Reroll Guide & Best Units, Best EGO, EGO Breakdown | Limbus Company

2K View2023-02-26
This is one of the fastest and easiest games to reroll in gacha history with 30 pulls right off the gate. Be prepared for hell though. On the main screen go to Windows, select the cog on upper left, select account, scroll down select close account. This method only works on GUEST Accounts on mobile as far as I know.
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Rough notes on Limbus Company:
Fast Reroll Guide - 00:00
Banner Breakdowns - 00:28
Fast Reroll Continue - 00:58
Unit & Art Difference - 03:55
Pity System - 05:32
Gregor Focus - 05:48
Character Breakdowns - 06:13
Best EGOs & Units - 07:04
Difficult EGO Mechanics - 07:47
Why Reroll EGO - 08:37
No reroll on steam - 08:57
Best Reroll - 09:45
Important Tips - 10:04
EGO Importance - 10:18
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Best reroll guide showing you every step to get to the summon as fast possible to get the Best Unit Samir & Nemesis. WE ARE SPEED LET'S GET IT!! Also "f" to the server qeue. For business inquiries feel free to contact me at [email protected] ⭐ Like ⭐ Comment ⭐ Subscribe ✨Giveaway @ 35,000 subs → $50 x2 via comments✨ Drop a [ S A M I R] in the comments ▼For more click show more below▼ Below is an affiliate link to play Gacha Games on your PC:
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Eversould reroll guide Eversoul Database: https://www.prydwen.gg/eversoul/characters ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🔥 MY STUFF 🔥 DISCORD►► https://discord.gg/srp5gXk2eP TWITCH►► https://www.twitch.tv/volkingames TWITTER►► @volkingames ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ⚡EVERSOUL LINKS⚡
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