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114 View2023-03-18
This game is fun and I really enjoy it, but it's so easy. I can even finish a level quickly. Having a lot of different heroes to recruit is excellent.
It also has smooth graphics and cute characters. I just got a little bored because I had to pass many stages before the place changed. I need to keep battling in the same place for a long time.
And I think it's too generous to give rewards, making the game easier.
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The game challenging, stages are difficult. The  only problem I seeis that leveling materials rewards are low and it would take a lot of stamina just by  leveling characters. Also the characters feels weak to play but maube that what make its difficult
random modnar1392022-07-05
Challenging GAME
Very challenging game although it keep my head spin lol anyway the game  so fun & require a lot of time leveling, upgrade etc. If you are f2p.
M Crimson352023-01-30
This game is very challenging. It is one of my favorite games to pass my time.
I started playing it and I found out that it is fun to play the first game I was already satisfied because this game is very challenging. I just had a hard time with the controls because I was confused by them. All its stages are fun to play and I always like to play it -- never got bored of this game.
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