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Infinite Magicraid
Great game and really enjoy playing.

Great game and really enjoy playing.

1K View2023-03-18
My favorite game of this genre so far. The progression is slow, but the game is built around it, which makes it rewarding .it make takes a bit to build someone, but it's absolutely worth it once you do. My one complaint is forge gear. Any offence-based set I craft only has defensive stats and vice versa for defensive-based sets. This became quite infuriating after a little while.
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Nice game, difficult, very challenging, however the grind becomes way to monotonous and eventually boring, battle pass is way too expensive for the stuff you get, plain, some bosses feels op but its free to play. If you want to change the heroes you have to grind a lot. Same applies for weapons.
Kinda good game
The game isn't bad for what I've played. The only thing I don't like now is how the progress is gated. You really NEED those limit break materials, otherwise if you can't win certain modes that let you get them somewhat fast you need to wait hours for the hourly rewards to power up your characters to progress.
Great Game Great Combat Mechanics The lack of equipment repairing makes the game annoying to keep playing since you have to depend on equipment rarity value and RNG to get a good weapon with useful skills to boot and since you can't repair, your equips WILL disappear after it's endurance is gone AND to make it worse when you die all gear in your inventory loses endurance by I believe half. Leveling up in this game is wierd since you have to exchange items you find for souls and I mean literally ANY ITEM same thing for gold as well. The synthesis system is also wierd but i figured out a portion of how it works. Bosses after progressing do get a bit overboard with the damage they deal. This is a Test and I say it's worth giving a try if you have the patience. I have spent a good 5 hours on this game and if the developer decides to update this I'll definitely come back.
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