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Idle Survivors: Last Stand
Some pretty decent graphics here, but a little too plain for me.

Some pretty decent graphics here, but a little too plain for me.

298 View2023-03-19
For an idle game, I think the game is too plain to play with having only just the shooting. I have had idle games that still have a few exciting bits that you will discover along the way, but I find this to become a bit dull in the long run.
I can give props to the animation because it's not the usual basic graphics like some of the idle games. Maybe a decent game, but not for the long run.
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Definitely, a bit of action there and I believe it's predictable
What I love about shooting games is that you have to calculate or strategize in the gameplay, but I think the gameplay for this one is too predictable. This could be something you could pass the time with, but this is not something with too many strategies to come up with apart from just aiming or shooting. A good try, but there are still games out there that are better.
Dark Horse3492023-01-11
It's quite good Actually, based on 2D modeling and the sound, graphic is well done. The only downside is the flexibility of the turning of the gun, I love how tye auto lock on is but plss tune in the turning of gun. Overall its a very good game.
First thought
personal opinion, its too dark to see.. even when my phone set at full brightness. The autoshoot needs more tuning.. specially the shotgun firing at ranges it cant even reach. The graphics are great and the music is just right for the feel of the game. I got mixed opinion on the slow motion tho, its great and all but it kind of kill the buzz sometimes, like when kiting enemies then ypu get slow motion and lost track of surrounding obstacles... Maybe its better for last kills of a wave or something like that.
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