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Infinite Magicraid
Enjoy the wonders of the game, and come up with amazing strategies along the way

Enjoy the wonders of the game, and come up with amazing strategies along the way

1K View2023-03-19
It is the usual turn-based strategy game, and just a glimpse of the animations really got me going.
With a wide range of characters to get through a gacha system, you can come up with loads of variations to your character combinations, and you can learn tons of them from tutorials you can get online, or wing it on your own.
This is a competitive game that can really test your skill as a player.
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Gacha is amazing!! And game play is also good. One of the great game i everplayed. I recommond this game for gacha llovers. Best! And hopping to see more event in this game.
A great game that other gacha should follow.
The game is great from start to finish. Farming is super easy with ithe available sweep mechanics. Music is great. It has a ton of mini games. The only thing I don't like about it is that common units are practically useless save for their book value. Normal heroes on the otherhand has only a handful of useful heroes. Aside from that, a level restrictore for the story replay iis appreciated to truly refresh the memories of replaying it.
Fur Elise9182022-06-27
Not a bad gacha game
I became interested in this game after swearing off gachas some time ago. Seeing as this one has been out for some time and seeing all the positive feedback, i decided to tip my toes back in. Pleasantly surprised how much stuff is offered at the beginning Haven't hit an intrusive paywall yet, and hopefully I dont.
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