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Valiant Force 2
Costume Showcase - Altima & Zedda | Valiant Force 2

Costume Showcase - Altima & Zedda | Valiant Force 2

108 View2023-03-22
New season, new style!
Mesmerize yourself with Altima's Springtime Bliss and heat up your days with Zedda's Spicy Dynamite! Let us know which waifu you like better!
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You can watch more reviews on My YouTube Set a decade after the events of Valiant Force, we return to the realm of Arathos as it is once again thrown into chaos. The disappearance of the Crystal of Arathos and its guardian, Leon Daracan, has exposed the land to dangers from beyond its shores. The people of the realm find themselves increasingly polarised; some hold on to their faith in the Hero of Arathos, while others condemn him for his apparent betrayal.
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