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Honest review for PD:CW

Honest review for PD:CW

831 View2023-03-27
I love the PD series and what's better than owning PD1 AND PD2 it's owning PD:CW.
Now the tutorial is quite easy and simple the game teaches you how to move and how to walk, how to mask up, hot to basically everything in the first two PD games.
Graphics are good if you don't own a 1+ N200 like I do if you want higher graphics get an iPhone or a Razer phone or something that can run a game at 95 fps. But with the low-end setting I really enjoy how it functions and how smooth it is.
Gameplay it's like the first two PD games but with new characters and maps you can rob and choose from. Level system is as great as it was the first two you get your EXP from missions, tasks, and heist that you complete.
Lag is something that we all get hit with but bot with this game this depends what internet you have which it will connect you to the best server you have and tries to match it up or maker it better for you or other players.
Frame rate is something I expect to dog on but you might get hit with low frames and a bit of bugs here and there that can affect your game play from a minimum to maximum damage.
But all and all is the game trash no, is the game fire yes. 10/10 would recommend to any PD
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Game is pretty good cant wait for official drop i have also seen trailers and gameplay fogr this game on steam a while ago. Gameplay feels really smooth even on low end phones and as well  game comes with built in keyboard shortcuts on emulators like LD player. So far I personally love everything about the game, its challenging requires mechanical thinkjng and alot of attension to your surroundings. I would give the game mark 100 out of 10, devs of the game really nailed it with the prototype demo. So far recommend this game to everyone who loves a challenging action Rpgs like DMC, PGR etc. All best to the devs of this little gem of pixel art masterpiece and hope we get to see the release of this game soon.
Marko Spasic402024-01-31
Interesting game but still lacks a lot to be good. First and most important thing is controls and physics. It's really "woody", u feel more like playing old doom than 21st century fps game. The second thing is graphics, it's quite basic at least for me. Character design is nice but the maps are quite empty and
good web3 game, I like it. Once it’s polished it will be fantastic. 👍 Pros: Web3🕹️ Controls: compatible with steam/asus rig ally. 🎨 Graphics: 6/10 atm 💰 Value for Money: 10/10 🤼 Combat Mechanics: 8/10 could be better once finished. 🎖️ Progression System: takes a while could be speeded up ALOT
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